Tides of War

  • Post by Darius
  • Sep 28, 2020

When I started WT I had a pretty clear idea what I wanted the site to be about: miniatures, RPGs, war gaming, and the fantasy fandom. Basically, it was to be a site dedicated to all of the things which I enjoy. So in that context you can see this as a personal website. Though, I really don’t intend to get very personal.

This has also been a long time coming.

The first time I thought about a site like this was more than ten years ago. But life has a way of putting things into perspective and it just wasn’t feasible then. About six months back a friend of mine offered to help get me started but it also didn’t work out. By that time though I had enough of an idea what I was doing so–for lack of a better way of putting it–here we are.

Today I wanted to share something that I am really a huge fan of.


Minis have been a fascination for me for about as long as I can remember. Through my own inabilities to paint them my appreciation is all the greater. Over the years I have painted exactly five of them, each somehow worse than the last. Regardless of my own shortcomings there are a whole lot of artists out there that can make them come alive and that is something I wanted to share with you today.

Bring on the tides of war!


As genres go fantasy is a probably the most popular, and why wouldn’t it be, it is also the oldest. The more established you are as a genre the more clout you will enjoy. And so we have a large body of work to draw from.

Dungeons & Dragons

Most of you knew I was going to be making this distinction, first their is fantasy and then there is DnD which is in a league of its own. Growing up I was an avid reader, who like most, cut my teeth on works like Tolkien and the other greats. When you compare these with DnD you can tell that it draws much inspiration from these works, yet, it is a genre which has also been an influence to itself.



Mechs and sci-fi have been a staple of table top gaming for decades and these genres have some of the most talented artists. Don’t believe me?


Alright, I am a little on the fence here, for me 40K still has more an air of fantasy than most of the sci-fi out there, that said as a franchise it makes distinction with having the fantasy and sci-fi line. I also will make an admission here, I have been rarely interested in either of them.

The reason is most likely because as a child and teen DnD took up most of my attention. Still it needs an honorable mention on the list.