Hello, I’m Darius

I am an avid fantasy and gaming enthusiast with a passion for discovery. Join me on my journey and let’s explore the genre together.

Darius Darkhelm: Lord of the Lands

Well that is the short version. The long version I’m afraid would turn most people away. At least those of you who are averse to a wall of text.

When I was around ten my cool uncle (I have a number of them but most we normal) bought me this strange board game. It was called “Dungeons & Dragons” and it offered something unlike anything our kitchen table had yet to experience. This soon gave way to the evolution “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” or as our next door neighbor called it “the Devil’s game.” I didn’t care I was hooked and my mom would just smile and nod when our neighbor got in the mood to preach to her across the fence.

The first character, at least my first real one, was called Darius Darkhelm who is still alive to this day, though he lives in retirement, his days of adventure have passed him over. Though hardened from his struggle to right the wrongs he is satisfied with his journey and his rewards. He began the first ruler to unify the five lands and maintained his throne for over two lifetimes. He was granted long life by the Keepers of the Fountain. Who bathed him, washing him of his mortal wounds as he lay dying. He and his knights stood guard at the gates to the Fountain when Dahlsim the Conquering One came with his minions (the Orcs from the North and South).

My uncle was GM for the campaign, he wrote it especially for us, and it was also my first game of Advanced. You can imagine that such a combination puts it in my list of top three. My uncle was great like that, he always found a way to put twists in there that made for exciting sessions. Sadly, he passed away in ‘94 far too young. A drunk driver hit him in the intersection. That’s why I support MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). When he passed away it took over a year before going back to the game. When I finally made it back, it wasn’t to play but to chronicle all of his campaigns. The plan in my thirteen year old mind was to release them in a book. I never did. The process was a healing one though, and allowed me to rediscover my passion for RPGs.

That is the long of it, the rest, you can find scattered throughout the site. It has been a long journey getting here, but one that has left me fulfilled, giving me the chance to make friends and say goodbye to lost ones.